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Khai Tri in Paris

Khai Tri, this is one of those spots where we have to visit a couple times when we are in Paris. It’s not located in most nicest neighbourhoods of Paris, but it’s worth all the travelling! At Khai Tri you can get the best Bánh Mì! For those who don’t know what Bánh Mì is, it is a very light crackly crust baguette filled with pickled carrots, daikon and all kind of meat made with Vietnamese spices.

get your Bánh Mì at the bookstore

Khai Tri is located in the 13th arrondissement in Paris. If you go by subway, just get out at Tolbiac and from there it’s only five minutes of walking.
On Avenue d’Ivry number 93 you will find Khai Tri. It’s a little bookstore where they sell the Bánh Mì behind a simple bar. The bookstore itself doesn’t look fancy at all, but once you have your first bite in your Bánh Mì, you will be a huge fan like us!

Visit Khai Tri

Make sure to get a Bánh Mì at Khai tri when you visit Paris. You will not regret it! And while you are in Chinatown, go grab some Pho at Pho14.

*Tip Order the Bánh Mì Dac Biet at Khai Tri if you are a real meat lover. And make sure to go there before 2PM! The sandwiches are often sold out!


Phone: +33 1 45 82 12 40
Address: 93 Avenue d'Ivry
75013 Paris, Frankrijk

Opening Hours

Monday: Open
Tuesday: Open
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Saturday: Open
Sunday: Open

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