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Hang Heung Cake Shop in Hong Kong

Do you know that feeling? Having cravings for something you can’t get? Since i’ve tried the wife cakes from Hang Heung in Hong Kong, I often get these cravings as soon as I get back in Holland.
For those who knows Hong Kong a little bit, must have been to Hang Heung once. They have the best wife cakes in the whole world! I’ve tried all kinds of them around the world, but the best are from Hang Heung cake shop in Hong Kong!!

typical Cantonese pastry

What is wife cake? It’s a traditional Cantonese pastry with flaky and thin skin made with winter melon and almond paste. Maybe they doesn’t sound yummy, but believe me, they are TO DIE FOR!


Hang Heung cake shop has lots of branches in Hong Kong, take a look at the map for the closest Hang Heung cake shop near your hotel! Spoil your family and friends back home with something yummy? Bring them some wife cakes from Hang Heung. Im sure they will like it!

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