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Restaurants in Stockholm @en

Stockholm has a lot to offer if you are looking for nice restaurants. Having a hard time to find one? Don’t look further. We have made a selection of the best and nicest restaurants in this beautiful city.

Best restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm is expensive. No doubt about that. But I think every penny we spent here was more than worth it, because the service and food was exceptionally good!

Please note: A huge tip after visiting a restaurant is very common in Stockholm.

Restaurant Usine in Stockholm

Usine in Stockholm is not just a restaurant where you can eat. It is a combination of a restaurant, bar, café and gallery. Additionally, you can also rent …

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Restaurant Bonbon in Stockholm

If you want to be inspired by beautiful dishes, you should definitely pay a visit to  restaurant Bonbon once you are in Stockholm. The owner wanted to create …

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Restaurant Museet in Stockholm

Restaurant Museet in Stockholm

Museet means “museum” in Swedish. But Museet is also a restaurant in Stockholm. And not ‘just’ a restaurant, but it’s one of the most popular restaurants among the …

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Nyfiken Gul in Stockholm

The summer has come to an end in Stockholm, but you can still enjoy some delicious food at Nyfiken Gul. This a open air restaurant with a really …

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Restaurant Vigårda in Stockholm

Feel hungry while strolling the streets of Stockholm? And you prefer a quick bite over a lunch or dinner? Then we recommend Vigårda! Vigårda is a fast food …

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Boy oh boy, what do we love this wonderful place! This is definitely one of our favourite spots in Stockholm. Café Gildas Rum is perfectly located in Södermalm …

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