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Who is an admirer of Scandinavian fashion and design, must definitely visit Stockholm. You can shop till you drop, eat in the nicest restaurants and stay in the most well designed hotels. And besides that, the people in Stockholm are the friendliest!

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There is so much to do in Stockholm! You can walk through the beautiful city by foot or use the public transport if you want to go out town. If you can’t figure it out yourself, use your Google map (thank god for mobile phones!), or just ask anyone on the street. (Almost) everyone speaks fluently English.

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Restaurant Usine in Stockholm

Usine in Stockholm is not just a restaurant where you can eat. It is a combination of a restaurant, bar, café and gallery. Additionally, you can also rent …

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Restaurant Bonbon in Stockholm

If you want to be inspired by beautiful dishes, you should definitely pay a visit to  restaurant Bonbon once you are in Stockholm. The owner wanted to create …

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Miss Clara in Stockholm

Since April 2014, Design Hotel Miss Clara opened it’s door in Stockholm. It has a perfect location on the Sveavägen at number 48. An ideal central location to …

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E Torndahl in Stockholm

E Torndahl is a super nice shop in Stockholm where you can buy Scandinavian design. The store is located in the charming Gamla Stan, a narrow but busy …

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Restaurant Museet in Stockholm

Restaurant Museet in Stockholm

Museet means “museum” in Swedish. But Museet is also a restaurant in Stockholm. And not ‘just’ a restaurant, but it’s one of the most popular restaurants among the …

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Drop Coffee in Stockholm

Drop coffee in Stockholm

Drop coffee cafe/bar is located in the centre of Stockholm at the Wollmar Yxkullsgatan number 10. At Drop coffee they have their own bean roaster, so it’s not …

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