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Neighbourhoods in Stockholm

Stockholm is big(!) and is divided into several neighbourhoods and districts. Each neighbourhood is different from the other and has its own charms. Below we have put the best neighbourhoods for you in a row.

Östermalm in Stockholm

Östermalm is one of the most exclusive district in Stockholm. This area is the homebase of exclusive, international labels, being side by side with the high class Scandinavian …

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Södermalm in Stockholm

Södermalm is one of the neighbourhoods in Stockhom where we felt the most connected. Especially the district SoFo in eastern Sódermalm, where you’ll find a lot of nice …

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Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Gamla Stan (the Old Town) is the old centre of Stockholm, filled with small streets, squares, palaces from the middle ages and the memories of chivalries. This old …

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