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Nyfiken Gul in Stockholm

The summer has come to an end in Stockholm, but you can still enjoy some delicious food at Nyfiken Gul. This a open air restaurant with a really nice concept. This is how it works: you start ordering your own food – that can be any kind of fish, lamb, steak or burger (just to name a few examples), choose a few sauces, some side dishes and not to forget: the cold beer ofcourse!
The lovely staff will tell you how long you should grill your piece of steak and you are good to go!
“Wait! What? I have to prepare my own food?!” Oh yes buddy! Now you can’t blame the chef for screwing up your meat, because you are your own chef at this restaurant!

Tip: It can be very crowdy here in the summer (July / August). Therefore, be on time and come with an empty stomach because the food is not expensive!


Telefoon: +46 8 642 52 02
Address: Hammarby Slussväg 15
118 60 Stockholm
Website: www.

Opening Hours

Monday: 11:00 - late
Tuesday: 11:00 - late
Wednesday: 11:00 - late
Thursday: 11:00 - late
Friday: 11:00 - late
Saturday: 11:00 - late
Sunday: 11:00 - late

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