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Hotels in Stockholm @en

Are you looking for a nice hotel, apartment, bed & breakfast or studio? We’ve already made a selection for you! Staying in Stockholm can be very expensive, so if you are looking for some budget-friendly stay, we recommend you to rent an apartment or studio. Please note: sometimes there is a minimum number of nights required.

We had a hard time finding the best places to stay in Stockholm because there are so plenty!

Miss Clara in Stockholm

Since April 2014, Design Hotel Miss Clara opened it’s door in Stockholm. It has a perfect location on the Sveavägen at number 48. An ideal central location to …

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Appartment Red Apple in Stockholm

Appartment Red Apple in StockholmWhile being on a city trip in Stockholm, you can choose to stay in a hotel. But sometimes it’s more fun and more convenient …

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Story hotel in Stockholm

Ofcourse the Story Hotel in Stockholm deserves a spot on Places we Know! Story Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Stockholm because of its design …

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Ett Hem hotel in Stockholm

Ett Hem was built in 1910 as a private residence for two people who loved art and beautiful things. It is not only a beautiful residence, but the …

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Scandic Grand Central hotel in Stockholm

Ons verblijf in het Scandic Grand Central is definitely one to remember! En dan heb ik het niet eens over het interieur wat al punten 10 verdiend! De …

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