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Mong Kok in Hong Kong

This area has the highest population density in the world and it’s definitely a notorious part of Hong Kong. It means that there are 130.000 inhabitants per square meter! Can you imagine?

Mong Kok literally means “busy corner” in Cantonese. And you’ll immediately notice this when you exit the Mong Kok station.

Shopping in Hong Kong

Do you like shopping? Then this is definitely the place to be! Mong Kok has lots of big malls, which contain hundreds of small boutiques with an area of just a few square meters. None of the boutiques are similar and each store has its own line of products. You’ll be definitely busy shopping in just one mall for a whole afternoon. So leave your boyfriend or girlfriend at home when he or she doesn’t like to shop!

the famous sneakerstreet in Mong Kok

In Mong Kok you’ll also find the famous Sneakerstreet. This is a street with stores where they only sell sneakers. A heaven for sneaker freaks! Don’t forget to visit every store to compare the prices, since these can vary from store to store. One thing is for sure, the prices are lower than the prices you normally pay in The Netherlands.

crowdy and busy, but a must see!

Mong Kok can be defined as an area of Hong Kong, which you can certainly not skip when you’ve never been to Hong Kong before. It’s a crowded area, very busy, but the most important part is that it’s impressive. There is so much to see, to do and to experience here. You have to see and experience it yourself!

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