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Tai O Infinity Pool in Hong Kong

On Lantau Island in Hong Kong you will find the well-known large Tian Tan Buddha, the Disneyland Resort and the airport of Hong Kong . But there is much more to discover at this largest island in Hong Kong.  One of those hidden gems in Lantau is the infinity pool in  Tai O.

A Beautiful place in the nature

The Tai O Lantau infinity pool is like a swimming pool in nature, which is filled with water from the falls present in the area. Many people, especially tourists , do not know the existence of Tai O Lantau infinity pool in Hong Kong. Or they have never been there! This has to do with the fact that it is rather difficult to get there. And because of  the very poor accessibility, it makes this place so special.

Tai O Lantau infinity pool directions

In Tai O , you will find a stone bridge at the bus station. You must cross this road by foot and after an hour you come to a red fire hydrant which is marked with the numbers: 470. Then you have to look for a concrete staircase on your left . You walk up and after about fifteen minutes you arrive at the particular Tai O Lantau infinity pool .

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and do some skinny dipping in the cool water. Bet it is worth all the traveling!

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