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Hotel Stay in Copenhagen

Want to stay in Danish design? Book a room at Hotel Stay. The entire hotel is decorated by the Danish design brand Hay. Scandinavian decor of the hotel is beautiful! The hotel features a gym which is open every day from 07:00 to 22:30. At the restaurant you can have breakfast from 07:00 to 10:00 and on weekends until 11:00. Breakfast at Hotel Stay costs 145 Danish kroner per person, which is about € 19.00. The hotel has different types of rooms and apartments in different price ranges. You can stay in a two bedroom apartment, studio, loft or in the penthouse at the top of the hotel. The entire hotel is equipped with Wifi.

2 room apartment

The two-room apartment is suitable for four people. The apartment has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen with cooking-island, dining table and seating area.

Studio and workshop XL

The studio is suitable for two people. This room has a sitting area, dining table, kitchen, bathroom and double bed. Studio XL is also suitable for two people, but this room is more spacious.

loft XL

Do you like an industrial-style interior? Then you will love the loft! It has a concrete floor in the middle of the room with a black kitchen. The loft can accommodate two people and features a seating area, kitchen, two dining tables, a bed and a luxurious bathroom.


At the very top of the hotel you find the penthouse. The penthouse has a beautiful view over the city of Copenhagen. The penthouse has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and is suitable for four people. Furthermore the penthouse has a kitchen, dining table and a large seating area. From the penthouse have stunning views over the city and Island Brygge.


Phone: +45 72 44 44 34
Address: Islands Brygge 79
2300 Kopenhagen, Denemarken

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