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Neighbourhoods in Seoul

Seoul is full of nice neighborhoods. They all have their own character and in every neighborhood there is something to do. Whether it is shopping for the latest fashion or visit the old Hanok neighborhoods. Seoul has it all! It is an ultra modern city without loosing its rich Korean culture.

All neighborhoods a unique character and experience

I would say, try to visit all the neighborhoods in Seoul as much as possible. There is always something to do and it’s nice to see the differences between all the neighborhoods. Below you’ll find a small selection of the best parts of Seoul that you must have seen!


Hongdae is a super nice area near the Hongik University. This area is well known for Seoul’s Indie culture. On every corner of the street you’ll enjoy live …

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Myeongdong in Seoul is an area which often would be compared to Shinjuku in Tokyo. The reason for this is that it also has crowded, large streets full …

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Seoul has so many nice area’s, but this is definitely one of our favourites! It’s comparable to Soho in New York City. In this area are many art …

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Would you like to experience a real Seoul? Then you definitely can’t skip Insadong! In this area they sell mostly very traditional Korean stuff. It’s the best place …

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