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Hotels in Seoul @en

In Seoul’s super easy travel. It is a well-organized city with excellent metro, trains and bus services. But which neighborhood is the best to stay? If you’ve never been in Seoul, it is quite difficult to find a good stay. Not because there is a shortage of hotels, hostels or apartments, but because there are so many!

Lots of choice to stay in Seoul

Therefore it is important to first have a look at what you are looking for. Do you want a middle class hotel, very cheap or do you want something very luxury? Do you want to stay in a neighborhood where there is still much to do in the evening or do you prefer to stay in a quite neighborhood where you can relax after a long day of Seoul. These are important points that you need to consider. But do not worry, we made a selection of the best places in Seoul. From cheap to super deluxe!

* Tip If you are in Seoul, we recommend you to sleep in a Hanok for a couple of nights. This is a traditional wooden building that is kept warm in winter by fires underground. A truly Korean experience!

Seoul Loft Apartments

If you are looking for a nice stay during your trip in Seoul and you don’t want to stay at a hotel? Then we might have found something …

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Hotel April in Seoul

Hotel April in Seoul

Hotel April in Seoul is really the hidden gem hotel of the capital city of South-Korea. Not because of the hidden location, but because you hardly can find …

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Verblijf in Buckchon Hanok village in Seoul


Seoul has lots of nice hotels, but when you’re looking for a traditional Korean one during your city trip in Seoul, you should book Mi Kyung’s houes. Mi …

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Design Hotel Pop

Design Hotel Pop is located in the picturesque area of Insadong. It’s a fun theme hotel with a price rang which will make you very happy! But don’t …

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Hotel La Casa in Seoul

Hotel La Casa is located in the trendy area Garosu-gil. It’s very near all the nice stores, good Western and local restaurant and you can choose to walk …

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W hotel in Seoul

W Hotel in Seoul

Do you want to spend a luxurious night in Seoul? Then you can’t ignore the W Seoul Walkerhill hotel. The W hotel has many branches all over the …

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