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Shops in Rotterdam

The major shopping areas such as the Lijnbaan and the Koopgoot are no longer the place to be. Just take a look at the less visited streets and neighborhoods of Rotterdam where you can find all those cozy restaurants and boutiques.
We have also experienced that there is so much to do in the summertime. Don’t want to miss anything? Keep an eye on Places we Know for the greatest events!

Depot Rotterdam

Who walks by the window of Depot Rotterdam in the Pannekoekstraat, will get the impression that it is just a normal store, but Depot offers much more than …

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Objet Trouvé in Rotterdam

Objet Trouvé is a real gem in Rotterdam. A clothing store for women, located in de Pannekoekstraat, a few doors next to Pierre and Depot at number 44A. …

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KEET Rotterdam

KEET Rotterdam is a typical shop where you want to hang around for a long time. The building is beautiful, the interior decor is great and the stuff …

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Woei in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, you will find the well-known mainstream sneaker stores like Footlocker, Front Runner and JD Sports. But are you looking for a nice pair of limited sneakers, then …

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Nen Xavier in Rotterdam

Let’s admit it. When we are looking for nice men clothing in Rotterdam, they are very hard to find. In Amsterdam for instance, you have Baskets, 290SQM and …

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