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Now Rotterdam, the city of architecture gets more and more interesting and nice places, it was time to add this beautiful city to our list!
Rotterdam is perfect for a day of shopping, but if you want to see more of this city, you can also stay here for the weekend or longer!

Discover Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a city that you have to experience yourself to love it. A city that rapidly innovates with great restaurants, shops and hotspots that continue surprises you. For that matter, Rotterdam is definitely a city that you can discover again and again.
On a side note: The New York Times put Rotterdam into the top 10 of the nicest cities in the world to visit!

Map of Rotterdam

For a good overview, we have put all the hotspots in Rotterdam on the map so you can use it easily if you pay a visit to this city! Click open/close for the map.

Restaurant Fjord Eat & Drink in Rotterdam

This restaurant really deserves a spot on our top 10 list in Rotterdam. Not because of the location and the interior, but it’s the food we always come …

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Restaurant NY Basement

A few weeks ago was the opening of New York Basement. The name says it all, the restaurant is located in the basement of Hotel New York at …

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Bertmans in Rotterdam

Now we have added Rotterdam to our list, we definitely can’t miss out on this nice place! Last weekend we were strolling around the streets of The Old …

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Depot Rotterdam

Who walks by the window of Depot Rotterdam in the Pannekoekstraat, will get the impression that it is just a normal store, but Depot offers much more than …

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Restaurant Opporto in Rotterdam

Restaurant Opporto was  on our bucketlist for a while. Last week it was finally time to pay a visit! When entering the restaurant, it was already busy and we started right …

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Restaurant Uit Je Eigen Stad

Ok, maybe a little out of the city, but restaurant Uit Je Eigen Stad is definitely worth a visit! We have been here a couple of times for …

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