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Steve’s first party!

Ladies and gents! On the 31st of March and April 1st, a new mini-festival will taking place in Amsterdam!

new festival in Amsterdam

This new and nice concept is an idea of 8 creative minds from Amsterdam. They have their own block party so now and then, and thought: why now throwing a big party in the neighborhood?
The festival will get the name Steve, and will be held at the Steve Bikoplein in Amsterdam.
Steve is just about 1 thing: “FUN”! Having a nice time together, dance, drink and especially enjoy yourselves!
The food comes from neighbourfood market, and restaurant Michel-Inn will throw a “rock & roll pizza after party” in the late evening.

live music and lots of creativity

There will be an open mic for new artists and songwriters, and live bands like 3rd floor magic and spitsvondig will be playing music during the whole event.
Also, some numerous of artists will present their art, small workshops will be given and more fun things that has anything to do with creativity!

Doesn’t it sounds like lots of fun? Come and celebrate Steve’s first party at the Steve Bikoplein on March 31st and April 1st! There will NOT be a door or a guestlist, so just stop by whenever your want for a snack, drink and a little dance between 13.00-21.00!

Hopefully it will be a party to remember, so Steve can throw his second party in September!
We are looking forward to it, you too?

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