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Studenthotel in Rotterdam

Student Hotel is a hotel which is actually set up for students. Dutch students, but also foreign students who come to study in the Netherlands. The concept is great! Student Hotel is in fact not just a place to stay for students, it is really set up like a really nice hotel to make your stay perfect. The hotel features amenities such as a library, gym, table tennis, a hang out place you name it.

Student Hotel also has a super stylish and sturdy decorated cafe / restaurant called The Kitchen! Why do we put it on Placesweknow? Because as a tourist you can also book a room at the Student Hotel. In Amsterdam and The Hague, you also have a Student Hotel, but it is mainly the central location in Rotterdamwhat makes this establishment so noteworthy. Near the city center, close to the tram and close to the subway. For when the weather is nice, we especially recommend you to go by bike (available at the hotel)!


Phone: 010 760 2000
Address: Willem Ruyslaan 225
3063 ER Rotterdam

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