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Yakitori restaurant Yardbird

It has been 1,5 month already since we came back from our trip to Hong Kong. And ofcourse we discovered some great places like Yardbird we want to share with you guys.
Yardbird is a yakitori restaurant located in Sheung Wan, one of our favorite neighborhoods in Hong Kong. While we were here doing our shopping, why not pay a visit to this place that everyone talks about?

Hype behind Yardbird

Because Yardbird is a walk-in restaurant plus a really hyped place in Hong Kong, it can be really annoying waiting so long for table. Thank god we came back on a regular weekday because it can be really crowded in the weekends. But the nice thing about Yardbird is that they have a nice bar where you can drink the most delicious cocktails while waiting for a table (unless you are really hungry!)

Simple but cosy setting at yardbird

The setting of Yardbird is simple, clean but very cosy. At the entrance you’ll see a bar where you can have a drink (or two) while you are waiting for a table.
Their menu is all about chicken. From neck to knee, you can get every part of the chicken on a skewer here! I think they are a bit overpriced for some little meat on a skewer (1300 HKD for 2) but that’s because Yardbird is one of the Hong Kong ‘It’ restaurant nowadays I think?

*Tip: You have to try the sweet corn tempura, the wings, oyster and the korean fried cauliflower. And make sure to order the ‘Jolly Rancher’ as a cocktail!


Phone: +852 2547 9273
Address: 33 Bridges Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Opening Hours

Monday: 18:00 - laat
Tuesday: 18:00 - laat
Wednesday: 18:00 - laat
Thursday: 18:00 - laat
Friday: 18:00 - laat
Saturday: 18:00 - laat
Sunday: Gesloten

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