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Pepper Lunch in Hong Kong

Do you want to grab a quick bite, but you want a healthier meal than McDonald’s or KFC? Then you really have to try Pepper Lunch! This is our favorite fastfood restaurant in Hong Kong, where you’ll enjoy a meal for less than HKD $40 (which is around 4 euro)!

Fastfood restaurant at Places we Know

You might be thinking: why are they recommending a fastfood restaurant on Places we Know? That’s because of one reason: the beef rice is nowhere as good as here! Always when we’ve been to Hong Kong and when we’ve returned to The Netherlands, we always get cravings for the beef rice of Pepper Lunch, which we –unfortunately- can’t get here.

Pepperlunch in Langham Place

There are many branches in Hong Kong, but we love the one in Langham Place, Mong Kok. But it’s not the vibe that will attract you to eat here, because Pepper Lunch is just one of the many restaurants in a foodcourt in Langham Place. You sit at simple tables, but the food makes it all worth it!

Here you order your meal, you get a number and you’ll wait until they call out your number. Next, you’ll find your favorite meal on a hot sizzling plate. Put a dose of fresh pepper on your rice and beef and voilà!

Tip: order the Beef Pepper Rice!

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