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Paris, one of the largest cities of Europe and also known as the city of love, is a very popular destination for a nice short trip.
This romantic city has so much to offer that you actually need some time to discover all the nice places.

city of love

Are you a true romantic? Then Paris is the perfect place to be! Many people come to Paris to pop the question to their loved ones. Why? Simply because Paris has so much passion and that’s why they call it the city of love!

Paris never bores!

You definitely should have been to Paris once. It is a beautiful city with a lot to see and to do. Whether it is your first time, or the hundredth time. Paris is never boring!

Hotspots Paris Map

We have selected some nice spots in Paris for you. Make sure to visit them all if you have the time!
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Parijs weergeven op een grotere kaart

Khai Tri in Parijs

Khai Tri in Paris

Khai Tri, this is one of those spots where we have to visit a couple times when we are in Paris. It’s not located in most nicest neighbourhoods …

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Hotel Paradis in Paris

Hotel Paradis is a very nice hotel located in the center of Paris. A good and a affordable hotel that is! What more could you ask for? With …

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Merci in Paris

On Boulevard Beaumarchais at the edge of the Marais district in Paris, you can find this super cute shop Merci. Merci was opened in 2009 by the founders …

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Colette in Paris

Colette Concept Store has opened its doors in 1997 in Paris and has since become a landmark of the city. For the hypebeasts like us, you should know …

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Hidden hotel in Parijs

Hidden hotel in Paris

Are you looking for a small design hotel in Paris? Then you should go to the Hidden hotel. A particular hotel based on a philosophy of respect and …

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