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Restaurants in Paris

From all the places we have been, I think the Frenchies enjoy and appreciate their cuisine the most. The French eat the very best food that they can afford and they eat whatever they enjoy, opting for quality over quantity. That’s why we love Paris so much! People really take the time to eat and enjoy their company, which makes eating out so much more fun.

best restaurants in paris

And since the Frenchies are real foodies, we know they put a lot of effort and love in our food. So, Places we Know have made a selection of the most nicest and best restaurants in Paris where they serve the best dishes! From cheap authentic to affordable nice cozy restaurants. See our list below and try to visit them all!

Rooftop bar en restaurant Le Perchoir in Parijs

Rooftop bars are very rare in Paris. That’s why Le Perchoir was such a hit after it opened its doors in July 2013. Mainly because it was summer …

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Café Pinson in Paris

In the Northern part of Le Marais you will find Café Pinson. No fancy French cuisine here, but all vegan and organic gluten-and lactose-free. So that means good …

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Le Mary Celeste in Paris

Last week we were in Paris again to visit some nice places including Le Mary Celeste. We wanted to visit this place last year already, but back then …

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Restaurant Noglu in Parijs

Restaurant Noglu in Paris

More and more people follow a gluten-free diet. Some because of their health because they have an allergic reaction to gluten. And some because they simply feel better …

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Restaurant Septime in Parijs

Restaurant Septime in Paris

We heard some real good stories about restaurant Septime in Paris. So it was high on our ‘to-visit’ list during our trip in Paris. Especially since it is …

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Restaurant Pho 14 in Parijs

Restaurant Pho 14 in Paris

Are you a fan of Vietnamese cuisine? And do you think pho is just as delicious as we do? Make a round trip to Chinatown! In Paris  there …

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