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Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

Causeway Bay is one of our favourite shopping areas in Hong Kong. This area is a mix of people from Hong Kong Island as well as Kowloon. (Read more here about Central). The mix of visitors can also be found in the stores and the malls of CWB. The area is a combination of cheap stuff but also very expensive products!

Shop till late in the evening

CWB is a maze filled with small streets consisting of clothing stores, beauty salons, independent boutiques, but also large malls where you can find famous and expensive brands. The stores in this area are usually open until late, which means you can enjoy yourselves until the late hours.

The Fashion Walk at CWB

Our favourite part of CWB is the Fashion Walk. Here you’ll find the high-end labels and a few concept stores, which are definitely worth a visit while you’re in Hong Kong!

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