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Copenhagen Centre


Central Copenhagen is the city center. The most famous shopping street is Stroget. In this street you will find large department stores and shops. Stores like Zara and H & M, but also typical Danish stores. When you walk through Stroget, you will find several side streets. In the side streets you will discover the small shops and boutiques. Especially Kompagnistræde is a very nice street to pay a visit. Two nice shops in this street to visit are Mant and Liebe. Stop by at Kompa 9 for a yummy cup of coffee. The Laederstraedet, Pilestraede and Grønnegade are streets in the city center where you can find pretty shops and restaurants.

Restaurants downtown

There are many places in the center where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. At Atelier September and The Yogurt Shop you can have breakfast. In Pilestraede you can find 42raw and Paleo, two restaurants with delicious healthy breakfast and lunch dishes on the menu. At Norden you can eat the most delicious cake in Copenhagen and at Höst you can have a nice fancy dinner. If you looking for a fast bite, you can grab a tasty pizza at Gorms.

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