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Transport in Copenhagen

If you are in Copenhagen, there are numerous possibilities for transport. You can choose to walk, but many places are a bit far from each other. Many people rent a bike. The central station is near the city center and is easy to find.

Renting bicycles

In Copenhagen you will see many people cycling. Nearly which you can recognize them all the locals have an iron basket on their bikes. But also for tourists bicycle is a popular means of transport. As a tourist you don’t have to worry you can’t rent a bike. Most of the hotels has an opportunity to rent a bike, but in the center there are many places where you can do too. The price to rent a bike vary. Average rent you a bike in Copenhagen for € 20.00 per day.

Public transport in Copenhagen

Between the center and the Vesterbro district is the central station. From Central Station you can travel to many places, including the Copenhagen airport. It takes 15 minutes to travel from the airport to Central Station and it costs around € 6.00. A ticket can be purchased at the ticket office or at one of the many vending machines. Also from Central Station you van take the train to Malmö. Malmö is a city in Sweden and is a must visit! In addition to the train, the bus is also a popular means of transport in Copenhagen. A ticket can be bought on the bus, if you have cash with you. In many places in the city you will find bus stops.

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